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"He does not shy away from experimenting and does good research into his own style and use of materials. Khairzul is able to work freely without losing its recognisability. He has a good sense of drama and can find a nice balance between the use of color and light." ~ Marijke Licher, Art educator, artist coach and curator.

Khairzul Ghani works primarily in oils and excels in the subject of portraiture, figurative and landscape. He expresses and interprets through his bold colors, lines and strokes, inspired by the style of fauvism, expressionism and post-impressionism. His works always emphasize on multitude of saturated colors and expressive gestures, yet every inch of canvas is given proper attention and functionality. It’s his controlled chaos.  

His Southeast Asian heritage and engineering background infused some influence in his self-expression and reflected clearly in the colors and in the details of his works. His style has been evolving since 2012 when he began as a full time artist, but it always speak of his desire to express himself in his own way. They are mainly colorful, perhaps reflecting his birth place and where he grew up; Malaysia. He admires artists who are unapologetic in breaking boundaries or conventions and aspires to be one.

Khairzul Ghani  was born in 1974 in Johor, Malaysia and since 2012 works and lives in Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

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